What is the difference between Refer a Friend and Affiliate Program?

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What is the difference between Refer a Friend and Affiliate Program?

What is the difference between Refer a Friend and Affiliate Program?

The biggest difference between Refer A Friend program and Affiliate programs is the relationship between the one referring a product or service and the person being referred.

Refer A Friend program leverage the trust and enthusiasm of people who know WIN2U brand and turn those trusted to a recommendation from a friend. The relationships in referral marketing are slightly more personal. From this program, you’ll earn one time from a player’s first deposit amount in WIN2U.

In affiliate marketing, there is no relationship between the two people. The goal of an affiliate marketer is to get as many successful referrals as he or she can. The person clicking on the affiliate link does not necessarily know the affiliate personally but has some trust in their recommendation such as game review or tips information.

Therefore Joining Affiliate program, you should be experienced affiliate marketers, bloggers, website owners, social media leaders and anyone with large-scale access to the relevant target audiences. From this program, you’ll potentially earn from a player’s net gaming revenue within their betting lifetime in WIN2U.

What is the Refer A Friend program?

 WIN2U offers Refer A Friend program. This program is a great way to earn extra cash simply by telling your friends about WIN2U. So If you are a satisfied WIN2U user looking to spread the word in your group about a simple, fast, and secure gambling experience from WIN2U.  This program is a great option for you. 

You start inviting your friends is as easy as sending an email invitation or posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email and getting paid for recommending.  By doing a few simple things to share WIN2U with your friend network, you can increase a great new earning way.

When your friend signs up and make a deposit at least 30 MYR, they entitle to choose one of  Welcome bonuses max up to 1000 MYR . You are as a Referee, so will earn 20% Referral bonus from your friend deposit amount.  Example:

Your friend deposit MYR 300

Referral Bonus = MYR 300 x 20% = MYR 60

Rollover Requirement = MYR 60 x 5 = MYR 300

What is the Affiliate Program?

Furthermore WIN2U affiliate program gives the commission start from 25% and high up to 45% for all affiliates member. Each level is categorized by a minimum of the monthly net gaming revenue of the total players recommend by you to WIN2U with a corresponding percentage rate. The way to earn commission is simple with 2 steps.

1.     Refer your players through your affiliate network, social media or gambling information website via WIN2U affiliate system.

2.     Your players deposit money and start betting, then you will earn % share from the net gaming revenue. Also you can earn an extra money and even a full-time income from home with no risk.

Example of the 25% commission calculation.

Gross profits = 10,000

Bonus (actual bonus claimed by players) = 2,000

Cost (at maximum 10% – 18% of gross profits) = 1,000

Net profits = 10,000 – 2,000 – 1,000

Net profits = 7,000

Your 25% commission = 7,000X25% = 1,750

Finally there are more information to learn about WIN2U Refer a Friend or Affiliate Program.  Therefore It’s a win-win solution for you to try and increase your earning. So feel free to register at WIN2U via 24/7 LIVE CHAT 

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