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What is Mix Parlay

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How to Read Mix Parlay Bets on Sports Games?

Mix Parlay. You must have often heard about the term Mix Parlay in online sports betting, especially in soccer betting, which refers to the act of making a combination of teams and placing wagers on the parlay. In this article, you will find more about mix parlay, how to place wagers on them, types and more.

What is Mix Parlay betting?

It is a special type of sports bet in which, instead of betting on a single team or event, you bet on a parlay of two or more teams/matches in different events. This type of sports parlay usually consists of two or more different types of sports, such as football and cricket. It is common among people who like to bet on multiple sports. The types of Mix Parlay vary depending on the number of sports in it.

The main reason for betting on Mix Parlays is that they have several selections in a single bet, which effectively improves your winning payout. However, the payout rules are also slightly different in this type of bet.

In order for a Mix Parlay to win, all selections should win altogether. The payout of a Mix Parlay will be the combined payout of all the selections included. However, you do not win anything if any one or more of your selections lose.

Placing a Mix Parlay Bet in Sports

Many offline sportsbooks used to allow people to make parlays and bet on them in any of the popular sports events. Nowadays, it has become even easier with the help of online sportsbooks like LiveBet2U. You can now easily bet on any of your favourite sporting events through simple online website navigation. Mix Parlay betting was never this easy.

In order to place your parlay bet in an ongoing game, you can select the Mix Parlay option from the menu. Then, you need to filter the option to go to the particular game and event you want to bet on. Now, pick your selections of events/teams/players from the available options. Your selections will appear in a separate frame termed as your parlay. Once you are ready, you can start making bets on your teams.

Since it is compulsory for all your selections to win in order for you to win a game, be sure to make the right selections with the highest winning odds.

Types of Combination for a Mix Parlay Bet

A Parlay bet refers to betting on a combination of teams and events. However, there are certain rules on what combinations you can make for a Mix Parlay.

  1. 4 bets with 3 different selections in different events
  2. 11 bets with 4 different selections in different events
  3. 26 bets with 5 different selections in different events
  4. 57 bets with 6 different selections in different events
  5. 120 bets with 7 different selections in different events
  6. 247 bets with 8 different selections in different events

There may be other combinations depending on the sportsbook you choose to play with.

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