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The pros and cons of online gambling that you need to know before you start up your online gambling career. Online gambling has taken the gambling market by storm over the past few years.

While many have boarded the online gambling train there are some who still wonder about it. Online gambling has lots of pros and cons that could ultimately determine whether it’s right for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top pros and cons to help you make the right decision when it comes to online gambling.

The cons of online gambling

It’s always best to start with the bad before you head off to explore the good. Here are the top three cons of online gambling.

Problem Gambling & Scams

Thanks to easy access to hundreds of online casinos and your bank account it’s easy to develop a gambling problem. If you’re not careful or able to practice self-control you might find yourself heading into debt and developing a strong gambling addiction. Luckily most of the top online casinos have many functions and tools you can use to help prevent a gambling problem. It’s also best to do your research on online casinos as there are plenty of recommended ones but also online casinos that can scam you out of your hard earned cash.

A Lack of personal interaction

While playing your favourite online casino games from home has plenty of advantages it also takes away the personal interaction factor. You can’t interact with your fellow gamblers or the host of the game which can make the experience very dull for some. You could always switch between online gambling and visiting an actual land based casino.

Pay-outs can take forever

One of the big cons for most is that your pay-outs. It can take forever as most online gambling sites have a three day waiting period when it comes to withdrawals.

Pros of online gambling

While there are cons to online gambling it can definitely be said that the pros outweigh them.


While you might not get to spend time socializing when gambling online it is a lot more convenient. Instead of travelling to get your gambling fix you can instantly connect to your favourite online casino via any desktop, tablet or mobile device. You can take your gambling on the go or curl up on the couch for a few spins or hands.

Loyalty programmes

One of the biggest perks of playing at online casinos is the loyalty programmes they have running. The rewards start the minute you sign up and make your first deposit where you’ll get to claim a welcome bonus. From there you can look forward to growing rewards while playing your favourite games. Each time you play you’ll get to collect loyalty points to increase your rewards. These points can help you get to more rewarding VIP levels and also grant access to bigger and better bonuses and rewards.

More payment options to choose from

When visiting a land based casino you have limited deposit options which basically includes cash and card. When playing online you will discover that there are plenty of ways to fund your account and get your withdrawals. Apart from using regular banking methods, some of them will offer  you using cryptocurrency and e-wallet payment options. The different payment options also come with different pay-out times which can decrease your waiting period for withdrawals.

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