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Strategy vs Tactics

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What Sets Gambling Strategies, Tactics and Gambling Systems Apart?

Strategy vs Tactics sounds curious to you right ? You’ve probably heard of the following terms before: gambling strategy, gambling tactics and gambling system. But are they all the same? And what does each really mean? Today we’re deciphering the terms, explaining just where they differ and – most importantly – if gambling systems work or not.

Strategy vs. Tactics

For starters, yes, strategy and tactics are fairly similar terms, but they come with their differences, as well. A strategy can be defined as a plan of action designed to bring about a desired outcome or future (but what’s important to note is that, unlike a system, strategy isn’t one fixed set of rules!), while tactics are usually related to individual decisions and situations, i.e. what you’re going to do at a specific point in the game.

Still, it’s useful to know most casino games aren’t conducive to using gambling tactics – but not all. Take table games for example. In baccarat there is no way to affect the outcome and in roulette you can only choose what you’re going to bet on, but the rest is out of your hands as all the bets have the same house edge.

In craps understanding the odds of rolling the numbers helps you make the best bet according to the best odds.

For example, while you can’t control the numbers you’re going to roll, understanding the odds of rolling the numbers gives you an advantage, i.e. you can make a tactical decision to make the best bet according to the best odds.

A Bit about Gambling Systems

Now, what about gambling systems? A gambling system actually is to help you manipulate the odds of a casino game and usually entails some sort of con. Surely you’ve seen numerous articles on various websites claiming they’ve found the solution to all your problems, right? Sadly, they haven’t.

While card counting has been known to give good results in real-life land-based casinos (but we’re in no way advocating it!), titles like “How to Win at Slot Machines Every Time” or “Beat Video Poker with Our Infallible System” are all, in a nutshell, scams. There just isn’t one fixed system that can help you use it to your advantage – especially when it comes to online slots! – and you’re more than likely end up disappointed. Especially if you’re asked for money in exchange for ‘tips’ that will get you nowhere.

The House Edge Exists for a Reason

One thing is for sure, when playing online casino games, there’s nothing you can really do to make sure you’re going to win. The truth is: the house edge exists for a reason. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t win – you can, of course! You’ve surely won before! It’s just that it all boils down to pure luck and no system can help you.

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