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If you are looking for high-quality, full of adventures kind of game, then brace yourself to know about the hottest casino game in Malaysia. As the newest and latest game in the country, KaiYuan Game Malaysia attracted many gaming enthusiasts on the board. Sure, this casino game has something that every player should try.

Dated back to 2017, the emerging game developer launched one of the best casino games that aim to deliver satisfying and amazing gaming experience to gamers across the world. KaiYuan Game Malaysia gives a jaw-dropping gaming experience, coupled with rhythmic music, outstanding graphics, and balanced gameplay.

The best thing about KaiYuan Game Malaysia is that the game offers a unique gaming experience, which makes it stand out from other common games in the gaming market. Surprisingly, the KaiYuan Game Malaysia has become one of the leading casino games. It offers the players rooms equally at different levels to compete with each other.

All You Need To Know About KaiYuan Game Malaysia

Our online gaming platform partnered with KaiYuan Game Malaysia to bring the players new and amazing gaming experience. When it comes to KaiYuan Game Malaysia, the game includes a collection of fun games, which are well-designed and offers real-world gaming experience.

The exceptional visuals, accompanied by relaxing sound effects, make it one of the best gaming solutions across the world. Not to mention, thousands of millions of gamers from all over the world have tried this unusual game.

The most amazing thing is these gamers keep coming back to online casinos to play KaiYuan Game Malaysia, as the game provides them with wonderful gaming experience. That said, if you want to try a new casino game, KaiYuan Game Malaysia is a perfect choice.

BBIN iGaming supplier was the first one to feature KaiYuan Game Malaysia. However, we integrated the game soon

after that on the most popular LB2U online casino. Containing variations of famous card games and several well-known game modes, KaiYuan Game Malaysia has become the most entertaining for the majority of casino gamers.

The Balanced Rules of KaiYuan Game Malaysia

While it has brought extremely interesting gaming concept, KaiYuan Game Malaysia gaming features have made it stand out from other competitors. No doubt, it offers the gaming features that you will not find in many latest casino games, particularly on online gambling houses.

If you are wondering about the concept the game uses, note that the KaiYuan Game Malaysia uses “banker,” which the system determines based on win rates and multipliers. KaiYuan Game Malaysia balances the experience of each player by placing him or her in rooms with players that have similar success rate and skill level.

If you like to choose from multiple gaming options, you would know that casino gaming in Malaysia is popular for its wide range of digital entertainments. Similarly, KaiYuan Game Malaysia offers different games, which include three Pictures game and Niu Niu (traditional Chinese poker). Besides this, you can also play other variations of popular card games like Thirteen Water, San-Gong, and Dragon-Tiger.

You will be amazed to know that the whole collection of KaiYuan Game Malaysia includes colorful visuals that appear as a blend of modern and classic artistic trends. The game further features bamboo leaves, dragon scales, beautiful oriental women, and many other detailed, mesmerizing aesthetics that are enough to impress any player.

When it comes to the soundtrack each game has, the music includes different Asian motives that make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

What Games Can You Play?

Here are some of the amazing KaiYuan Games that will take you to the virtual tour of Malaysia. However, before that, it is important to mention here that KaiYuan Game Malaysia contains many games, we are explaining only the three.

3 Pictures Online Card Games

Many people play this traditional Chinese card game in online casinos. As the name suggests, three Pictures of KaiYuan Game Malaysia begins with three cards. You will play the game with a single deck. The pictures will feature Jacks, Queens, Kings, and tens.

However, these cards carry the value of zero. Aces, on the other hand, carry the value of one. Moreover, other cards carry different numerical values. The system will rank the hands after you have dealt with all the cards. Not to mention, the Three Knights that contain the three pictures is the highest-ranking hand.

Dragon-Tiger online card games

If you are looking for a simple card game, then Dragon-Tiger is what you should go for. This variation of KaiYuan Game Malaysia focuses on fast gameplay. It might sound surprising to you, but each round of Dragon-Tiger card game is not more than 30 seconds.

Therefore, you do not have much time to think while playing this game. Instead, you will need to react and play your turn quickly.  Millions of gamers love to play Dragon-Tiger of KaiYuan Game Malaysia, specifically the ones who prefer to play fast-paced casino games.

Bull Bull Online Card Games

Known as Gnau, the Bull Bull game of KaiYuan Game Malaysia requires the player to win the pot comprised of the bets that all the players made. It has the same gaming rules as of traditional poker. However, you will have to place the cards in order. The system will rank the hands by calculating the total value of each hand.

Experience on Playing KaiYuan Game Malaysia

As mentioned earlier, KaiYuan Game Malaysia is full of entertainment, as its sound and visuals are astounding. With its simple interface, players do not find the game confusing. Moreover, you can change game settings or choose the game easily. You have a variety of gaming options to play in KaiYuan Game Malaysia.

In Conclusion

In essence, all the variations that KaiYuan Game Malaysia features are engaging. The different games mode at different levels gives you an amazing gaming experience. Therefore, if you are looking to play KaiYuan Game Malaysia on a safe and trusted live casino, LB2U is the best platform to play this game.

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