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IBCBET Number Game, How to play the Number game

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IBCBET Number Game

IBCBET Numbers game, the most widespread lottery game in the Malaysia. Number Game is a very attractive to play with. It’s like a lottery inspired bingo game where all players are required to place their bets on the number drawn in the machine.  So there are many lottery types and within Numbers Game Betting we can separate them to lotteries with the bonus ball (Powerball, additional ball) or without the bonus ball.

IBCBET Number Game is a welcome entertainment game platform. However LB2U proudly have IBCBET as one of distribution gaming partner. IBCBET Number Game is simplicity and fast pace make for a good experience. IBCBET Number Game offer you to see stunning Asian women, dancing non-stop while the balls keep on rolling. The live video stream comes with 8 different cameras so you can fully absorb the party atmosphere; but back to the game, where your ultimate goal is to earn some wining.

Number Game Betting Rules and Regulations

  • This game is played by betting on the numbers of the balls drawn from a bingo machine.
  • IBCBET Number Game will provide real time odds on the random draw of balls. Players may place their bets based on such odds, in a variety of bet types.
  • Two types of betting will be available for the Number Game.
    1. Pre-Games – Players may place bets before the game starts, but once the game starts no bets will allowed.
      • Over/Under (First Ball Drawn or Last Ball Drawn)
      • Odd/Even (First Ball Drawn or Last Ball Drawn)
      • Odd/Even Ft (Sum of Three Balls Drawn)
      • Warrior (Comparing Second Ball Drawn or Third Ball Drawn)
    2. Running games – Players may place bets after the game starts and different odds will be given for every single ball drawn.
      • Next Odd/Even (Next Ball Drawn)
      • Next Over/Under (Next Ball Drawn)
      • Next H/L (Next Ball Drawn Will Higher or Lower Number)
      • Next Combo (Next Ball Drawn Over/Odd, Over/Even, Under/Odd or Under/Even)

How to play the Number game.

  • To keep it simple, the players needs to choose a number from 1 to 75.
  • Monitor your bankroll; you need to establish a fixed amount of money you are going to spend on Number Game.
  • Look into the past to predict the future.  So you can analyze it thoroughly and spot some patterns to help you with the decision making.
  • Trust your guts
  • Keep Calm and don’t overplay. Treat the game like a casual, relaxing experience and it will reward you nicely.

Therefore now it’s the perfect time to open one. The quickest way to play IBCBET Number Game is via LIVEBET2U account, a trustworthy betting partner of IBCBET, with years of experience in delivering top-class betting services to players over Malaysia. So start betting on IBCBET Number Game by register for free at LB2U and get instantly log in anytime or anywhere you want. Hence for more information, please feel free to contact our LB2U 24/7 Customer Service for help.

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