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How to Win on Slot Machines?

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Is There a Casino Strategy on How to Win on Slot Machines?

The question every single gambler has asked themselves, at one point in their lives is how to win on slot machines. If only there was some miracle strategy we could share with you all, right? Unfortunately there isn’t. There is no sure fire way on how to win on slot machines every time. However, we do have the next best thing. So, grab yourself a cuppa (or something stronger), because today we’re going to be showing you some online casino tips and tricks. We may not be able to make you a guaranteed millionaire but we’ll certainly send you in the right direction.

How to win on slots is probably one of the most asked questions in the history of gambling. We’re sure over the years there’s been many a player, website, company that claim to have the million dollar answer!

So, today we’re not about to feed you any crap strategy, we’re just going to give you online casino tips that could help you on your quest to fortune. What you must remember is our casino tips and tricks are just that. Tips and tricks, not a guaranteed way to win.

So before we begin, if you have read a “get rich quick” strategy it’s probably fake. Let’s have a look at the first tip we have on how to play and win on slot machines.


Wondering How to Win at Online Slots?

1. Choose Online Slots with the Highest RTP

Like we said, we can’t teach you how to win on fruit machines but we can teach you which games have a higher payout rate than others. Also known as a games Return to Player (RTP) which is expressed as a percentage.

So when you wondering how to win at slots this is our first tip. All slot games will have an RTP which is a theoretical expected percentage a certain game at casino sites pays out to you over its lifetime. It also helps you determine how much of a house edge the casino has.

When trying to determine how to play slot machines and win then you could play games that have a high RTP. Particularly over 97%, as these games will pay more back to you over a long period of time. This could help you if you thinking how to pick the best slot machine to play.

“To increase your chances of winning play a game that has an 97% or more.


2. Take Advantage of the Max Bet Rule

How to play casino slots and win is starting to take shape now, right? So let’s move on to some more slot tips. The max bet rule, make sure you understand how this works so you can use it to your advantage when you play. If you’re unfamiliar with the term you’ll need to make sure you read our blog How to Use Max Bet at Online Casinos, we’ll also go through some of it now.

Every casino is different so yes you will need to check every time. It may take a few moments to check it but it could detrimental to your winnings in the long run.

“Always check the max bet rule every time you play so you can use it to your advantage.”

Basically, what this rule means is you are not allowed to bet over a certain amount in a single spin or bet when you have an active bonus in your account. One of the most common max bet amounts is MYR25. So, this means you should be placing bets under MYR25 until you have met your wagering requirements. Once these have been cleared most casinos won’t apply the max bet rule anymore.

However, you should only be betting with an amount you can afford to lose. Just because you bet big doesn’t guarantee you are going to win. If you lose you’re going to lose your balance quicker with bigger bets, so make sure you keep that in mind.

Still wondering how to play slots and win? The max bet rule can’t help you win, but it can stop you from losing what you’ve already won.

3. Pick a Casino Bonus with No Wagering Requirements

If you take a deposit bonus, one of the most common types of bonuses you’re almost guaranteed to get it with wagering requirements. Finding a deposit bonus that doesn’t come with wagering requirements will be tricky indeed.

However, a lot of online casinos nowadays will offer wager-free bonus spins instead. If you’ve found a casino that does this it means any winnings derived from your spins comes as cold hard cash, yours to keep with no strings attached.

“Pick a bonus with no wagering requirements, so it’s one less thing to worry about when you win.”

Back to bonuses themselves though, you can still take bonuses that come with low wagering requirements. So, when you’re checking our selection of online casino bonuses just make sure you check the wagering requirements on each one before you play. How to win slot machines with a low wagering requirement is far more beneficial to you than one with a high wagering requirements, so remember this trick next time you play.


4. Consult Other Players at an Online Casino Forum

We’re coming to the end of our tips and tricks now but you’re still asking yourself how to win online slot machines, right?

Well, guess what? We do! We have a super friendly forum where you can ask anything like“How to Choose A Slot To Play, How To Win At Slots” or “Gambling is Pure Luck or Total Skill”.

“Consult other gamblers learn more about real life experiences before you try to win on online slots.”

Of course we hope you’ll use our forum to ask but our blog titled How to Choose the Best Online Casino Forum can also help you out. If you are going to consult a forum what’s important to remember is every single gambler is different. Every. Single One. There is no strategy in the world that can guarantee you will win. You’ll always need a bit of luck behind you as well, and luck is never guaranteed.

Some days you’ll win, some you’ll lose either way you need to make sure you are always gambling responsibly.


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