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How to play fish shooting games? If you haven’t played any fishing game before, now it’s time to try it. You should not be able to miss the hottest fish shooting game, fish shooting is a very simple game, and they have a way to shoot a fish to earn money during enjoying the shooting. Choose the fish shooting game you would like to start.

To get further winnings or win money while playing the online fish game, you have to apply your skills and tips. Pay attention to some tips that will be given so you can make a lot of money.  Besides that, you also need to prepare some fish game strategies to get huge prizes.

  • Hunt for small fish at the beginning
    The Player will get the basic weapons from the beginning. These weapons are good enough for hunting and catching the small fishes. If you want to hunt the big fish at the start, then It will make you fail in the game, because basic weapons are difficult to hunt or catch the big fish. So, be patient and play smart.
  • Hunt big fish gradually
    Hunt for a big fish after collecting the advanced weapons. On the first attempt, the advanced weapons were sharpened to catch large fish immediately. When you catch a big fish, you get more points, which will help you move faster to the next level.
  • Know the different points of the fish
    Although there are no skills required in this game, you should think about the best and learn about the types of fish. This is important because each of them has different point. You should not just shoot it without thinking, the bullets inside your weapon are limited.
  • Killing the Boss is the main
    Killing the boss is the main goal. Not only because of the points and rewards, but it may also come with many surprises. Some of the big bosses will explode and kill many small fishes around, it will allow you to earn more points. Do your best to reach the boss level because this is where the real rewards begin.
  • Control the speed
    According to the level you have to change your speed accordingly. It means in the starting there is slow-moving fish present which you need to kill by shooting slowly but after then you have to kill fast by shooting fast.
  • Shoot those have just left the table
    Due to the way of adjusting the firing machine, some fish will die in the time they first appear. Thus, you have to calculate and notice to shoot right when they appear. If you know the way to calculate the dying probability of the fish according to this way, your mission is to sit, watch, and perform the loading of the table’s corners, then, wait for those fish to appear.
  • Apply algorithms
    You must have an algorithm in case sophisticated players recognize and immediately remove it. The algorithm is a way of adjusting bullets to close to the dying probability of the fish. In the algorithm, the bullets are ranked from 1 to n. Bullet 1 dies numbers 2, 4, and 3. Bullet 2 dies numbers 3 and 9 whereas bullet 3 dies only number 6. However, have to change in various situations. The percentage of dying fish is big, the win is faster.

Above are the skills as well as tips and tricks that help players have a chance to win big in fish table gambling. When you’re ready to join it, click LB2U to join now! Start it before too late.

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