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How to maximize affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing, Increase affiliate traffic

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How to maximize affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing, Increase affiliate traffic

How to maximize affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing, Increase affiliate traffic 

You are your own boss for working as Affiliate marketing. You need to drive traffic as your lead generation to your chosen online gambling page. So you must have a proper strategy and understanding for you to earn and move ahead. Most common affiliate strategy is about list building. It helps you build your long term list which will become your future players. Quality based approach is essential. You can use various promotional strategies to measure the performance and realize what is working out and what is failing. 


Three Tips how to maximize affiliate


  1. Content on your site should be useful, compelling, actionable, problem-solving content around the gambling products and service. This has definitely helped you to succeed in affiliate marketing. All you need to do is consider what your player wants, and then deliver for them. This is to build an active players community first. Posting content actively on Social Media is a powerful traffic. This means continuing to post, engage, and responsive. For example contents which you should have is a tutorial video to promote and also create your games comparison.
  2. Posting on blogs or forum that have a similar focus to gambling site. The content or answer you create is there to provide value. This is to build up your online reputation and credibility first. The best way to increase your affiliate marketing sales is to create high-quality online reviews. The reviews are regardless whether in written, video, or audio form, should focus on a product’s usefulness and benefits.
  3. Link optimization includes the cloaking and shortening of links. This enables you to ‘brand’ your links, as well as make them easy to remember and share on social media. For example; Add native links from your blog articles to your gambling games page, signup page. This also could add link on your main navigation menu. I also recommend that every time you create a tutorial post or video, add an affiliate link to your tools and resources page at the bottom of it.


LIVEBET2U makes it easier than ever to lets you earn money with gambling online affiliate marketing. We take care of the creatives, banner, promotions and everything. All are ready to go from the start, you just need to drive traffic to LIVEBET2U websites, and you’ll get paid for every qualified players you bring. LIVEBET2U offers 25%-45% commission for all available gambling products. We offer more  consistent and increase affiliate performance over time by giving higher commission rates or customize plans.


Hence LIVEBET2U offers one of the most user-friendly affiliate system in the market. It is fast and productive, enabling affiliate tracking in real-time. We also have affiliate system to show you how your affiliate effort is rewarding you. You will be able to track your website visits or online player’s betting activities. You can view detailed statistics about the players’ traffic, betting record, payments transactions. So feel free to open your affiliate account at LIVEBET2U Affiliate program via their 24/7 LIVE CHAT or email: Exclusive campaign affiliate marketing opportunities are waiting for you at LIVEBET2U.


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