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How to Avoid Internet Affiliate Marketing Scams

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How to Avoid Internet Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing which is mainly guided online and includes advertising methods such as organic search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click marketing, e-mail marketing, content marketing and banner advertising. Affiliate marketing is a legal industry so don’t let anyone destroy the whole industry with a scam. To some, affiliate marketing has a clearly negative mind looking for ways to make money online which call them as ugly affiliate marketing scam. I would love to recommend you avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams. I have some suggestions on how to avoid getting scammed when starting off in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Scam Examples

These are some of the most common affiliate marketing scams we’ve come across. Like any other online industry, there are plenty of scams doing and trying to find new ways to make money off innocent or newbie affiliates.

  • Fake Affiliate Marketing Training

There will be hundreds of people trying to sell you a course, an e-book and various other kinds of information. Do your research before you pick your training program.

  • Get Rich Quick Offers

They offer you will make thousands of dollars overnight, or that you can just work 2 hours a day and have $5,000 or more in your bank account  within the week. Don’t trust it. Appropriate affiliate marketing takes a bit of time to learn and earn some money from it. You need a strategy and you need to implement it well before you make any income. It doesn’t happen overnight.


  • Fake Products or Services

By right, Affiliate marketers make their money by promoting someone else’s product or services. If there is no actual product or service, it’s nothing more than a scam.


  • Pay To Join Programs

Real affiliate programs are free to join and should be risk-free for affiliates. You should never have to pay a fee to sign up to a program.

How to Avoid Internet Affiliate Marketing Scams

You go slow. Don’t be in a rush to become a millionaire overnight. Today, the Internet also allows people to research most affiliate programs and check the reviews. Get everything in writing, talk to people, ask around, go online, do crucial research, and never send any money online without proper verification. There are hundreds of genuine and completely legitimate ways to make money as an affiliate. Follow these tips to make sure you don’t get caught up in an affiliate marketing scam.

  • Ask Google

If it’s a well-known scam, you will see reports about it online. Please try searching for variations, such as Affiliate program name’s scam” or Affiliate program name’s reviews,” etc.

  • The Company Website

Real companies in the affiliate marketing industry always have professional websites. If this is not the case, it should raise a red flag for you.

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