Esports Dota 2 Betting Guide

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Esports Dota 2 Betting Guide

Dota 2 is a free-to-play game and the sequel to the original Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod, which was a player-built custom map for the 2003 game, Warcraft III. Dota 2 is one of the most popular Esports in the world and pays out far more than any other game. Tournament prize pools in total have come out to well over $35,000,000 as per recent estimates and it’s only going to get bigger. A huge chunk of that money goes to the athletes themselves.

Esports Dota 2 Betting Guide – The Basics

Dota 2 is a Steam game. Therefore, it has a few internal “betting” systems, in addition to the standard 3rd-party bookie sites. For the sake of this guide, we will be focusing mainly on traditional betting using real money, but it is worth mentioning that Dota 2 has its own internal economy revolving around cosmetic game additions (skins) that have spawned a series of gambling sites and systems. Either way, the ability to place the right bet is still going to determine whether you win or lose.

  • Standard Match Win / Best of X Games Win

This is the most straightforward betting option. You wager whether or not a team will win the match. If the match is a ‘best of” a certain number of games, you can usually place a wager on the individual games as well as the winner of the overall match.

  • First Blood / First to X Amount of Kills

First blood is awarded to whoever makes the first kill in a game. Typically, you can choose which team you think will get first blood. There is also a betting format where you place a wager on which side you believe will be the first to score a certain number of kills.

Occasionally there are other options where you can choose who you think will kill Roshan first, destroy a tower, etc.

  •  Playing the Spread or the Over/Under

The over/under in DOTA usually refers to the amount of time it takes for a team to win, or the number of kills scored in the process of winning. You can occasionally find an over/under regarding a different stat. An easy example is kills. Let’s say you bet the over on 20.5 kills for team A. If team A gets 21 kills or more, you win.

A spread bet is typically when you make a wager on which team will win and by how many kills.  A “-” typically refers to the favorite team, while a “+” denotes the underdog team.

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