Archer – Slot Game Review

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Archer is one of a popular slot game in PlayTech. It features a theme that heavily resembles Robin Hood, even if there are some slight differences. This slot comes with 5 reels but not with 25 or 40 paylines. Instead, Archer features an astounding 243 ways to win system.

This is the first ever Playtech slot that features this type of pay scheme. The slot also has a very decent RTP (return-to-player ) ratio at around 95%, making it an attractive game in terms of payoff.

Theme and Storyline
Archer is a slot that has clearly been built around the iconography of Robin Hood, but has leaned away from being direct about it in the title.

Given how familiar we all are with the Robin Hood mythos, it is no bad thing that this slot takes a different tack. Making what was old, new again.

Perhaps it was for the same reason their Robin Hood looks rather old, and their Friar Tuck and Guy Gisborne look eerily like brothers. The strange character designs notwithstanding, Archer does a nice take on the story with a well-built world for the characters to inhabit and plenty of medieval style in the designs.

It’s easy to play this games.There are two variables at the bottom of your game that can be adjusted prior to spinning the reels. You can adjust the value of each coin, and you can also change the multiplier attached to it. Coin values can be set anywhere, which is a good choice for entry-level gamblers. Once you have adjusted your stake, you can hit the spin button to play the game, or activate the turbo mode and autoplay features.

At this slot game it’s draws gamblers from the first minute. Here gamblers will face and taste the win. Gamblers need to pay attention always to the game, symbol of Robin Hood. With symbol raises your bet to 1,500 x. if gamblers can find 5 symbols at once. Maid Marion is the second character after Robin Hood.

Also symbols of Friar Tuck and Sheriff of Nottingham, will not give the slot game gamblers bad win. The remaining symbols in this slot game are card symbols. They will give gamblers 100x. At bet. The slot game is very generous with gamblers.

Gold Coins at this slot game is the wild symbol. With production of Robin Hood appears on the drums 2, 3 and 4. This symbol is the highest at the game. It gives gamblers the opportunity to create a winning and interesting combinations. These symbols that will help gamblers at the game to crossed arrow symbol. This symbol will help gamblers to start any characters. If gamblers find three signs of crossed arrows, then it’s your lucky day. Gamblers can run 07 free games. Gamblers have the opportunity to collect lots of gold coins, as well as Gamblers can restart the free round.

At this slot game it’s wonderful to gambling. With the theme of Robin Hood always attracted gamblers. Here you can collect awards and continue slot game play. Gamblers need to do this, just press the “Game” button and go to the new screen. At this slot game gamblers can double the payouts by 50 to 50. To gambling this slot game, just guess the correct cards. Need to be lucky and correctly to choose the right cards.

Then gamblers can double the winning score. If gamblers are not correctly guessed. Then you will lose the score records. For those gamblers who are really lucky then they can get maximum winnings.

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