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Affiliate Program

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LIVEBET2U Affiliate Program

As a LIVEBET2U affiliate you will be paid commission on every player you refer to LIVEBET2U over the course of the player’s account life. Our online reporting system will be available 24/7 for your usage. So how much you earn will depend on how much traffic you refer from your website.

It is our job to then guide your customers through the registration process, having them make their deposit and retain their business with our attractive offerings. Hence Join LIVEBET2U affiliate Program – Get the commission high up to 45% for all affiliates member.

Therefore we always appreciates the hard work and contribution from our partners, we would like to share the revenue with our partners with the most competitive commissions available.

The affiliate will earn from your customers net losses for life as long as you are actively promoting us and fully complying with our Affiliate terms and conditions.

Commission Plans

       Here are the reasons why you should be a part of the LIVEBET2U Affiliate Program:

  • We offer well establish gaming and online betting products such as Sports, Casino Live, Slots, plus a wide selection of games.
  • 3 languages (English, Chinese and Malay) so it is easier for you to attract members.
  • We have strategic marketing tools ensuring high member conversion and retention rate.
  • You can earn more commission up to 45% from directs members.
  • We offer user friendly software for your performance tracking.
  • We have a highly trained affiliate team to support your every need.
  • Regular Commission Share % for LIVEBET2U Affiliate members.
  • Commission Structure from direct members Monthly total net profit (Every calendar month)

Commission percentage rate (MYR) :

0 – 30,000 MYR = 25%
30,001 – 300,000 MYR = 35%
> 300,001 MYR = 45%

  • Your commission percentage rate is determine by the monthly net loss of the total players recommend by you to LIVEBET2U.
  • The commission share of 25% – 45% means you will get benefit from 25% – 45% of your members net lose.
  • We monitor our affiliates performance and may contact you directly to increase your commission rate.
  • All affiliates are subject to administrative and marketing costs incurred directly for the acquisition of members.
  • The cost is deduct from the revenue on a monthly basis.
  • This cost may include the following:
    Payment Charges: Deposit and withdrawal charges involving all the affiliate’s members.
    Media Fees: Any fees that incurred towards LIVEBET2U to support or assist affiliate in conjunction with promotions or marketing purposes.
    –  Promotion Bonuses: Monetary bonuses or rebates given to the affiliate’s members.

Payment Method

  • We served payment for MYR Local Bank with minimum withdrawal request at amount MYR350.
  • Affiliates are only allow to have one withdrawal request for each calendar month.
  • If you would like to request payment of your commission in other currencies other than MYR, please contact us for more information at 24/7 Live Chat or email to
  • All commissions shall be paid to you on a monthly basis, approximately within 7 business days following the end of each month. Therefore, each affiliate partner shall confirm the calculation of the commission before the commission can be disbursed.
  • There will be one payment each month and we are not responsible for any financial institutions that impose any costs eventually.
  • The minimum payout request for earned referral commission per month is MYR350. For any commission below MYR350 will be combined to the next month or until the sum is reached.
  • We reserve the right to modify, remove, add terms and conditions, temporarily or permanently by posting a change notice on our site or immediate notification.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your account at any time without prior notice when the existence of indications fraud or if the affiliation performance not in accordance with our expectations at the given time period.

If you have any inquiries concerning the affiliate program please do not hesitate to contact us at

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