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What is 4D Singapore Malaysia?

4D or 4-Digits is an extremely popular lottery game in Singapore and Malaysia. As the name suggests, one has to choose any number from 0000 to 9999. After this, a draw will be conduct and 23 random winning numbers are selected. A prize is won if the number you chose matches any one of the 23 numbers. Let’s take a look at the history and present status of 4D lottery in Malaysia and Singapore.

4D Malaysia is a grown market with thousands of regular customers. As of now, many online casinos offer 4D services to gamblers in Malaysia. However, the existence of 4D in Singapore and Malaysia is limited by the government rules.


In the Malaysian state of Kedah, a schoolboy in 1951 raffled his bicycle for 100 tickets of value $1 each. A ticket had a two digit number on it. A winner will be decide when the two digits number of the ticket matched the last two digit of the winning ticket in the Malaysian Turf Club sweepstake. This was the first 2-D lottery game. With time 2-D gave place to 3-D and so on. 4-D gained wide popularity throughout Malaysia Singapore in early 1950’s.

In May 1966, the first 4-D Singapore lottery was introduced by the Singapore Turf Club. The prize against a $1 ticket was $2,000. Computerised betting for 4-D was launched on 31st May 1986 by Singapore Pools. 4-Digits format is parallel to the “Pick 4” in the United States and Canada. In Malaysia, Magnum 4D acquired the first legal license for 4D operations.


Suppose that you picked a ticket with number 8838. 4D roll allows a player to replace any of the 4 digits with the letter ‘R’. ‘R’ now represents all the numbers from 0 to 9. Let’s say you mark the 3rd digit with ‘R’. Your number now changes to 88R8. This means that that you are now betting on a total of 10 entries rather than the original one entry. 10 entries from 8808 to 8898 belongs to you. Hence your chance of winning the prize has increased.


The main 4D operators in Malaysia are – Derby Blue-Green, Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D. These 4D operators, also known as Number Forecast Operators, are approve by Government .

However, the selected machines and draw balls are transfer to a hall under top security. Once the balls are loaded into the machine before an audience, an independent random audience member is asked to press the start button and launch the draw. The drawing process is repeated until all 23 sets of winning numbers are drawn.

Besides that, 4D draws will be conduct daily in Malaysia. While Magnum 4D held the draws daily while others prefer to conduct draws on the same day as their Singapore counterparts.

Magnum 4D Malaysia was the first legal 4D operator to be award with the legal license by the Malaysian Government. It offers the popular classic 4D game. In addition to it, Magnum also launched the present mass favorite game which is an updated version of the classic 4D game. The company even owns copyrights for the game. Other private 4D lottery companies like Sports Toto in addition to 4D provide the players with options of 5-D and 6-D games.


Similarly, the Singapore Government and the lottery Organizers leave no stone unturned to make it a fair process. 4-D draws will conduct three days a week i.e Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 06:30 PM (SG/HK Time). An independent external auditor and five draw officials ensure no foul play and a fair draw.

In addition, the lottery organizers even ensure that the weight of selected draw balls is within the acceptable error margin. Security of the machine and draw balls are always on top priority for the lottery organizers.

Final thoughts

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